Random iMac unlocking via Apple Watch

I have a 2014 iMac running MacOS 10.14.6 that is setup to allow my Apple Watch to unlock it. Periodically, without any interaction on my part, my iMac will unlock itself. For instance, I’ll be laying on the couch in my office watching TV or napping, and suddenly I’ll hear a click, and look over to see that my Mac is unlocked. It’s set to never go to sleep, so there’s nothing that should be “waking” it. Any idea on what’s going on?

Curious. If you turn off the Apple Watch unlocking, does the problem go away? Macs do sometimes wake up inexplicably, so it’s possible that the Apple Watch is merely unlocking when the Mac wakes on its own.

@ace, that’s an idea, but it happens so infrequently that it would be difficult to troubleshoot. For all I know, the computer is constantly “waking up” to the login screen, and by the time that I notice, it’s off again. Perhaps somewhere in a Console log it shows the computer “waking up” occasionally when I’m not around for my watch to unlock the screen. Now I’ll have to poke around in the logs to see what I find, if anything.

You might want to try Consolation 3 for log browsing. Console doesn’t quite do what you want anymore.

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