Random hotspot behaviour

Tried to use my phone as a hotspot all last week, and found that its getting worse. The ‘devices with the same apple account will connect automatically’ works about 1/4 of the time. But sometimes it would connect even when the ipad was off and had been off and disconnected for hours. Having my ipad find my iphone when the ‘allow others to join’ is on works about 1/2 the time. ‘Allow others to join’ turned itself on many times, right after I’d turned it off. It didn’t work better or worse with bluetooth on or off, which it is meant to be much better with bluetooth on.

Using it with the mac was even more random, and the time it takes to detect the hotspot varies from seconds to minutes to never. With or without bluetooth on.

Its like it has a mind of its own… a really stupid mind of its own. If this is design intent then sheesh.

Its all a bit reminiscent of the ‘airplane mode’ isn’t airplane mode any more, its just a jumble of random behaviours.

Short of buying a Mifi, any suggestions? Am I alone?

I find I regularly needed to turn Hotspot off then on to ensure my devices find it. My car never connects unless I do this. IMHO the function has certainly got worse over the years.

Same here. And my phone simply turns Hotspot off with no notification to me.