Quicken 7.2

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Brings new features and improvements to the financial management app. ($35.99/51.99/77.99 annual subscription, free update, 3.2 MB, macOS 10.15+)

Quicken 7.2 forced me to reconnect to my banks and only restored account access to one account per bank. Despite repeated attempts (and emails from my banks declaring success) I was not able to restore all connectivity. I ultimately reverted to the previous version. I’m running Ventura 13.4.1 on a M2 MacBook Air. Reported to Quicken. Waiting for a fix.

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Thanks for the alert. Fortunately (for me), my update to 7.2 went smoothly, except for one odd anomaly. Quicken 7.2 connected just fine to all my banks/financial institutions after the upgrade, including my primary bank where I have several accounts. However, it also tried to reconnect to an old account at that bank that hasn’t been active in perhaps a decade. I was informed that the connection attempt failed, and I was given the options to retry or disconnect. I chose the latter, and all was well after that.

Installed 7.2, no request to reconnect, no issues with two accounts at one bank, and so far all appears to be well. :crossed_fingers:

I just discovered a very scary problem with Quicken. When I tried to set Quicken up to flag when estimated taxes are due, it went back and recorded making four new estimated payments from my bank during the past year. That was a substantial amount, and when I opened Quicken 7.2 this morning, that large sum was missing from my quicken register for the bank. Checking my bank account online confirmed the money was there, and when I went back into Quicken I found the spurious estimated payments, marked by quicken as manually entered on the dates the last four estimates were due.

This probably wasn’t a direct result of Quicken 7.2; I was trying to get Quicken to alert me when future estimates are due. But it should not make new entries dated months in the past that will change the current balance without giving a warning. Quicken needs a way to schedule future payments that will not reach back into the past and change balances.

I updated to Quicken 7.2; I could no longer connect to my 4 Vanguard accounts. Sync error 2003 - account numbers may have changed - no, nor passwords. They recommended I check with Vanguard. Qfx downloads from Vanguard do still work.

And will do periodic downloads to Excel as well.