Quicken 6.6

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Improves identification of sorted columns and the sort order of the Investment Dashboard Top Movers card. ($35.99/51.99/77.99 annual subscription, free update, 95.5 MB, macOS 10.13+)

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this update breaks the capacity to import apple card transactions into Quicken. There is apparently no interest at Quicken to fix this any time soon.

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That’s really surprising since Mint now has access to Card after two years of it being broken there.

I’ve haven’t ever been able to sync my AC transactions online. Is that what you mean? Or the export QFX & open in Quicken method that I’ve been using?

Exporting QFX from Wallet and importing it into Quicken stopped working. I tweeted about it and Quicken didn’t respond at all and Apple directed me to the horrible and completely useless Goldman Apple Card support. So it appears neither Apple nor Quicken really care.

I had no problem importing the QFX file for the February statement into Moneydance.

try importing your qfx quicken apple card file into the most recent Quicken update. If it doesn’t work, file a problem report (there’s a problem report in the pull down menu), If it does work please let me know how you made it work!! From the long list of unhappy folks on the Quicken consumer list, any solution will be welcome.

Weel . . . afraid I can’t be much help because I see it works as it always has for me: exported February QFX file (using the phone app, can’t figure out how to do it online or maybe you can’t), emailed the thing to myself as an attachment, opened it with Quicken 6.6 which automagically imported it into my account. M1 Mini running 12.2.1.

Not very elegant, though. I wish Apple would loosen up and let Quicken talk to it directly online.

Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 7.33.26 PM

this is what I get when I try to move the QFX file into Quicken

well, just now, I restarted quicken and instead of the above message, It imported the transactions into a NEW account. since I had 29 transactions, it’s a blessing. Now I wonder if I can merge this new account with my old one…

That’s certainly a strange response, since as I understand it you’re using Web Connect.

Or are you? I’m confused. If Web Connect is in fact available, I’d very much like to know about it.

Cheers, David

I just tried the import again, and it seems to have worked. It didn’t import anything, but there aren’t any new transactions so it shouldn’t have. In the Account Status window it says “Last Connection Successful / 0 new transactions downloaded” When I did it before I was getting the alert @crobbmd posted a screenshot of. So I guess it was temporary and has been fixed.

Just got a notice that Quicken 6.6.1 is available, and in the fixes is:

FIXED Fixed an issue that could prevent transactions from importing from Web Connect (QFX) files.

Alas, 6.6.1 still cannot update my Apple Card account using web connect (as it can, for instance, my bank and brokerage accounts), and the only way to get a QFX file is still to use the app on my iPhone to email it to myself and open it on my M1 Mini (where Quicken resides) and import (or open) it there. So nothing’s changed and I envy your success.

I get that there will be institutions that won’t allow web connect, I assume for security reasons. But the one other account of that sort I have at least lets me download a QFX directly from its website and skip the iPhone/email fandango Apple insists on.

At least I don’t have to enter them by hand from a PDF . . .

One other method is to use iCloud Drive. You can export the file from the iPhone to iCloud Drive (use Save To Files from the share sheet and navigate to iCloud Drive, and of course you could use Dropbox, OneDrive, etc., as well) and it should then just appear on your Mac, saving at least that step. That’s how I get my Apple Card transactions into MoneyDance.

Thanks, Doug, I will give that a try. But I do wonder why Apple’s decided we can only get the Apple Card QFX using iOS. Anybody?

Apple has never said that I know of, so you can only guess. Security/privacy/worry about liability if details are available online and the data gets intercepted? They just haven’t gotten to it yet? (Remember that you couldn’t get statements, account information, or make payments from the web until a year after the card was released.)

Or perhaps they just intend it to be this way (since Apple Card requires an iPhone, they just want it to have detailed info on the iPhone)?

I use Airdrop to move the QFX file to my Mac.

By the way, you can access almost everything except the transaction downloads at

All are possible, Doug :slightly_smiling_face:. . . but at the moment if you don’t have an iOS device, you’re left with hand entry from the PDF statement you can get using the link to the Apple Card website Alan provides.

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