Quicken 2017 Some transactions not shown in reconcile window

I tried reconciling my bank statements in Quicken 2017. I realized that in the reconciling window, some transactions were not showing in the window. As a result there were “differences” and could not reconcile. These transactions were correctly showing in the Bank transactions window. I read up to see how I could show these transactions in the reconciling window - using the control key and indicating not cleared. Still, didn’t work.
QUESTION: How can I make that transaction that is in the bank transactions window show with a BLUE dot? Maybe that will correct the transactions and can e reconciled in the reconcile window.

Been awhile since I used 2017, but did you try “right clicking” on the entry in quicken and then setting the status of the transaction to what you wanted?

Hi David. Yes. I was able to change the status but I wasn’t able to get the blue dot actualized.

Do you reconcile your quicken with the bank statements you receive? My frustration is that some of the transactions do not show up in the reconcile window and therefore I cannot click on them to balance and get the reconciliation. In other words, to be successful.

I reconcile via online balance but I’m using the latest v of Quicken.

I did find this searching for: quicken transactions don’t show up in reconcile window online and it or others of its ilk may be helpful:



I am also using Quicken 2017. Double-check the end date you entered for the reconciliation. If the transaction is after that date it won’t show up in the reconciliation window.

thank you for your responses. I have gone online to the discussions where I found out that I could use the control-click to unclear. Still, the transactions do not show up in the reconcile window.

Yes. I have double, triple redone the opening and closing dates to no avail.
Have any of you had this problem with a transaction within the date period had not be available in the reconcile window? What did you do? Were you able to get the “blue dot” to reappear?

If by “blue dot” you mean the blue dot that appears in the left-most column (by default), I don’t think that has anything to do with reconciliation. It just means the transaction was downloaded (as opposed to manually entered). If you click (just plain click) the blue dot, you’ll get a menu with Reviewed, Mark All Downloaded Transactions as Reviewed, Not Reviewed. Select Reviewed to turn off a blue dot, Not Reviewed to turn it on.

But like I said, I don’t think that has anything to do with whether the transaction appears in the reconcile window or not. I tried all four combinations of reviewed/not reviewed and cleared/not cleared, and the only thing that determined whether a transaction showed in the reconcile window is the transaction’s date vs the Statement Ending Date (although note that in the first place you land when you open the reconcile window, the list of transactions isn’t “live”, that is if you change the Statement Ending Date the list of transactions doesn’t change, you have to click Next to see the modified list).

This may not help you, but it is the only thing that comes to mind so far.

I recently started using Quicken 2019 and ran into a weird issue where if I changed a category in a transaction to a brand new category not used before, that transaction was then excluded from the report that I was working on – just disappeared until I explicitly went into the categories and activated the new category.