Quicken 2017 EOL

Just as I’m wondering if Quicken 2017 will work with MacOS 10.17 I find that Quicken 2017 is EOL. In April I will no longer be able to download financial information from my credit card companies. I am not an intensive user of Quicken but I like what it does for how I use it, which includes categorizing my spending. This is extremely important due to high medical bills.

I can start a subscription for $35/year since I just need the most basic plan. That meets my needs. I understand that even if software doesn’t get new features there is still a cost to update it for OS updates and upgrades. But what happens if a Quicken subscription expires? Do I simply lose access to all online features or will Quicken hold my data hostage?

Even if you can’t load the information into Quicken directly from the financial instituation, can’t you download the info in a suitable format and then import it into the Quicken? Moneydance easily loads Quicken ‘Web Export’ (.qfx) files, only asking that you confirm that you are loading it into the correct credit card account. Even if direct import is available, I prefer this mode as the program and the institution are opaque to one another (i.e. no login information is stored in the program, nor have I had to tell the institution about program I am using). Even if a direct interchange were offered, I wouldn’t use it.

Is Quicken 2017 at 64 bit app?

I don’t download any info into my quicken so I don’t care about that. I enter everything manually which is how I know that the charges etc. are correct and then I use my statements to confirm and balance everything.

Quicken 2017 is a 64 bit app, I’m running it on Catalina. I was surprised that it has made it through these MacOS upgrades. Quicken 2017 has received updates recently.

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Direct import is available and I assume will continue. I’ve done direct imports in the past, I prefer Quicken to do the downloads and remove a few steps.

As to expiration, depending on which level of Quicken was purchased, the app either goes into manual mode (Deluxe and above) or becomes “read-only” (I’m not sure whether that means exportable) in the lowest, “Starter” version.

Thank you for the link. You are correct, with Deluxe and higher versions Quicken will keep working when your subscription expires, but you lose all online features. The version I’m interested in becomes read only on expiration.

Well if Apple keeps on releasing an operating system every year, we’re still 2 years away from 10.17, 10.15 is Catalina. :slight_smile: Quicken is the best place to find out what operating systems their software will run on.