Quicken 17 no longer about to download transactions

I got a notice that Quicken 17 will stop downloading transactions 4/30. Yes, I can update to the latest, but why if Quicken 17 works fine for me using the exporting and importing transactions feature. There’s a difference between auto downloading, importing and exporting transactions. Won’t one be able to export/import transactions after 4/30?

I don’t use quicken, but I think that the warning refers to automated downloading. I only use Quicken-formatted files for my credit card data, but every non-Apple Credit Card I use has offered downloads of .qfx files for years. I download them and manually import them into my non-Quicken (Moneydance) program with no difficulty.

I know that some folks are passionate about requiring automated downloads, but I am happy with the download process being manual so that I don’t have another potential password leak via the financial program.

Great! Thanks. I prefer to create the export file myself and import into Quicken.