Public calendar with statistics

I manage a website for a club that has a yearly event schedule. The site is hosted with Earthlink and they have no clue about a calendar server. In the past, I used a website service to publish the calendar so folks could subscribe. That service went away and I have been using iCloud. My question is: I would like to track statistics on how many folks have subscribed. Or even who they are. Looks like iCloud doesn’t offer those options. Any recommendations?

Don’t think Google offers that either. You might consider a route within your website which captures an email prior to having access to the calendar sub.

In case anyone is interested, I finally found this site:

Free up to 25 subscribers. I may try it!

I’m curious. Beyond statistics (which is great), does Stanza also make it easier for people to subscribe to your events in their calendar app? I work with a club that has an event calendar managed in Google Calendar, and while people can subscribe, I don’t think many do.

To be honest, I have not signed up yet so I don’t know all the ins and outs of publishing the calendar. Subscribing is easy, but requires a few steps. They provide code to add a button to your website or a link to share that will take you to your calendar on stanza. Once on their website, select and subscribe to a calendar, choose your calendar provider (Google, Exchange, Apple, Outlook, Other), enter email address for updates (optional), then your Mac will ask if you want to open the webcal link. They have an impressive roster of television networks, streaming services and sports teams.

I am sure you know that you can publish a calendar out of Calendar and provide a link to an .ics file or a webcal: to Icloud which is what I have done, but it would be nice to get some data!

Update: I finally signed up and began setting up a public calendar which was all fairly simple until I got to the adding a link for the event. For some reason, they will only accept https links, and the website is a budget job and has no SSL certificate since the hosting provider wants $90+ bucks a year.