Programs repeatedly asking for font download (Osaka)

I thought we could start another thread on this, as it doesn’t seem to be a Microsoft problem at all.

This happened to me pretty soon after I updated to Sierra on my early 2015 MBP.

It happened often in Excel but sometimes in Word too.

It seems to always be the Osaka font, but sometimes it will ask for others too. I have no issues using the program if I skip the download.

G. Douglas is seeing this is Nisus and Tommy gets it in IAWriter.

I’ve since googled and discovered this:

  • It happens in other programs, but MS Office seems to be the one most asked about
  • All the fonts mentioned are Chinese or Asian fonts. I typically don’t install foreign language support but it’s possible I went with defaults this time

If you look in Font Book, you will see the fonts are greyed out. You can re-download them in Font Book but it doesn’t seem to stick either (according to pages I just read)

Is there a way to uninstall foreign language support? Or maybe it had been installed with a prior version and then doing a custom install left old versions. But that doesn’t explain why downloading them again doesn’t fix it.

I wonder if actually deleting them via Font Book will help.


Hi Diane

In our prepress operation at work we have 15-odd 27-inch iMacs of varying ages running from OS X 10.10 to macOS 10.13.

We haven’t seem the Osaka request at all from any Microsoft Office product (but we spend as little time as possible in those). However, when starting Fujifilm Workflow XMF we randomly get asked to download Osaka. There’s no discernable rhyme, reason or pattern: Day 1– iMac A, Day 2 – iMacs B, F and K, Day 3 – iMacs A and H, etc. We’ve tried all sorts of permutations of using Osaka via font managers and/or application, user, Library, System font folders. We’ve even gone so far as reinstalling, clean installing, etc entire machines – and the Fujifilm service agent has gone home bald; all to no avail.

Personally, I think it has something to do with PDFs as every application I’ve read of asking for Osaka has either a PDF read, write, interaction capability. As for nailing it down …

Cheers, Gobit

Interesting… I’m a Fuji shooter. I wonder if that’s it.

I don’t use anything Fuji. The common denominator seems to be that it started with a Safari update.

So far I’ve only seen it in Excel or Word, but I don’t use any of the other programs mentioned.


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