Problems with tvOS

I, too, think the Siri Remote is horrible, slow, and error-producing. But the current Apple TV OS is a bad too. We moved from the second generation to the 4K, and I couldn’t believe how much worse it is for our usage preferences. We used to be able to see many more show thumbnails at the same time, after choosing a show, we could easily see seasons and episodes, and we could quickly find what we wanted to watch IN SILENCE. The auto-play annoyer makes the mute button a constant necessity. It’s usually hard for me to see which thumbnail is actually highlighted, and when I push the ‘button’ to select a choice, it often jumps to an adjacent item.

Boy, if anyone could figure out how to stop the Netflix previews from auto-playing, you’d be my new best friend.

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A quick Google search returns…

To disable Post-Play’s auto-play feature on a Netflix profile, navigate to your Account, click Playback Settings, then uncheck the option to Play next episode automatically.


Actually, I don;t know if that suggestion will work for Previews.



I just had a quick chat session with Netflix. They say there is no way to stop previews from

auto-playing. They suggest muting preview audio.


Thanks for confirming with Netflix that there’s no way to stop those horrible auto-play previews, Ira. I hate those previews with a passion, and actually spend more time browsing in Prime Video because of them.

I have a better suggestion for Netflix…

Yes, we can’t stand them either. And half the screen is taken up with them, leaving a very unsatisfactory scrolling experience below. I almost never browse on Netflix, but use Siri to go direct to the show. (glad ST:Discovery is back :slight_smile: ) we mainly use Hulu and Prime, not that either are terrific apps, but both a better experience than Netflix for sure.

I’ve been more than furious with Netflix over this nasty business since I got my Rev 4 Apple TV some while ago.

This egregious and Orwellian UI with its lack of any means of opting-out has CLASS ACTION written all over it.

Like Adam I avoid Netflix like the plague, unless there’s something I really want to watch.

Sooner or later I may vote with my wallet.

I sooo wish I could send The Punisher to visit certain Netflix executives…


Sucks that the Siri remote has no mute feature, nor that Apple TV Siri doesn’t understand the “mute” command. However, for HomePod owners, if you route your Apple TV audio through HomePod you can mute with “Hey, Siri, mute” and unmute with “Hey Siri, unmute.” Apple really should include this command in Apple TV Siri.

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I suspect that since rhe Apple TV has no audio amplification, it’s expected that you’ll use the mute on your receiver or TV.

And yet the Apple TV Remote does have a volume control button. Go figure.

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On my Apple TV Remotes the volume button is talking directly to the TV via IR. If I point the remote away from the TV and press the volume control it blinks the light on the Apple TV but thats all. I have to point it at the TV to get the volume button to work.

Perhaps smarter TV’s than mine have a different interface via Apple TV (i.e. One of my TV’s will turn off if I shutdown the Apple TV, the other will not) but thats how it’s always worked for me.