Problems installing ScanSnap home on my new computer

Just upgraded from a 10 year old MacBook Pro to a M2 MacBook Air running Sonoma 14.4

Went to the ScanSnap website and downloaded the installer. Once it finished, silently, I might add, all I see is a ScanSnap icon on the menu bar with everything greyed out. If I start the ScanSnap app, it starts SSHomeWizard, that only displays the app name on the menu bar. No pulldown options, not even Quit.

If I do ‘ps aux|grep -I scan’ in terminal, I see several scansnaphome processes running, so something did indeed install and is waiting for activity from me or the scanner.

Sent a support request a couple days ago but so far no response. They offer phone support on the website, but no US phone number???

Anyone else run into this? Is there any other software I could use to scan to DevonThink?


Just a thought - do you need to grant ScanSnap Full Disk Access in System Settings > Privacy & Security

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The Scansnap icon in the menu bar is grey if your scanner is closed or the program can’t see it. Make sure that the scanner is open and powered up and available to the Mac. I use USB from the computer to the scanner and it works fine.

Perhaps try uninstalling then reinstalling while the scanner is open.

Also, there’s tons of ScanSnap expertise at , you can try asking for help there as well.

Andrew that was a great suggestion as I had installed the software while not connected to the scanner via USB. I used it wirelessly before and figure I’d connect once the software was installed.
So I removed the app and reinstalled after connecting the USB cable to the scanner. Unfortunately, no joy.
I did notice that once the installer finished, the SSHomeWizard app appeared as the active app on the command bar and some kind of popup flashed on the screen for a few milliseconds.
But at this time, I,m still in the same place as before.
Thanks for the link to the Devon discourse page, I’ll go there to look for more help.

Problem resolved!
Looked on the Devon discourse page and found a US support phone number. Apparently the default landing page is in Europe and so doesn’t have any US info or links.
Support walked me through the install and it’s working great.
Be sure to go to for the download and click on download installer to begin. Also be sure to have the USB cable attached.
Te install completes then goes through setting up WiFi on the scanner, all from the computer.

This is not unusual behavior. SilverFast (what I use for my scanner) also won’t launch if the associated scanner is powered-off, disconnected or is still going through its power-on self-test at the time you launch the app.

For me, this isn’t only for installation, but every time I launch the app. I need to power it on and wait for it to become ready before I launch the app.

Of course, if your scanner has a soft power switch and is always visible over USB (which is the case for many models), then you would only have to ensure that it’s plugged in (to both power and USB).