Problems backing up in iOS

Speaking of issues with iTunes, for years I vers successfully backed up my tablets to the computer using the wireless connection (dead simple, launch iTunes, boom, both tablets were backed up in under 5 mins), but over the past few years I gradually began to lose that functionality even explicitly following their direction to “enable it.” Around the last ios 11 update, wireless went totally away, at least on my Pro (oddly enough, seemed to work on my 2nd or 3rd gen which is limited to 9.x). Anyone know if they have restored the ability to back-up wirelessly in 12?

I still routinely backup and sync my iPhone 6 and my old iPad mini 2 (both are on iOS 11) over wifi to iTunes (latest HS version). Although the process is by far not rock stable, I can confirm it does work most some of the time. Every once in a while iTunes will show me some strange error message saying it could not complete (although sometimes the backup works yet it still displays a warning) or the iPhone will still show a rotating sync icon next morning even though the backup actually completed late the night before (when I plugged it into power).

While it is far from stable or reliable, at least so far my impression has been that when backups and sync have completed without warning, they actually have completed correctly.

I like Adam’s advice to use iCloud backup as a second method. A “backup” for the primary backup plan definitely makes sense. For me personally, iCloud won’t work for that. For one, I don’t want remote Apple servers to hold my personal data and secondly, I could never get it to fit within the 5GB Apple gives me. But I would definitely be interested in some added security that my backups are good. iTunes syncing doesn’t instill much confidence these days.

I just discovered my iPad is not backing up to iCloud even though it says it did last night. I suspect there is a space issue. Wouldn’t I get an error message?