Problem with Time Machine drive spinning down

I’ve been using TM since it came out. However, I recently replace my external TM HD with an 8Tb HD because I back up my wife’s MB Air (via LAN) and my iMac (via USB) to it. The problem I’m now having is the G-Drive goes to sleep after a period of time and both backups stop until I reboot the drive. I’ve installed Keep Drive Spinning, but that hasn’t prevented the drive from sleeping. Does anybody have a suggestion for resolving this issue?

Also, I’m wondering if it’s possible to use TM on iCloud. I’ve thought of going to a 2Tb iCloud account since I’m already paying about $14/mo using Arq to backup to Wasabi. Any thoughts, suggestions or rude remarks?


Alas, no. For speculation, see:

I would consider a drive that unmounts on its own, without being “ejected,” to have buggy software, and I’d get another drive. Short of that, perhaps scripting an action that periodically uses the shell command “touch” might work (could use Automator, Keyboard Maestro, or a full shell script using cron, etc.).

I’d be very careful about backing up files of any importance or security concerns to Apple–that’s simply not their line of business.