Problem with daylight saving time in Apple Calendar

I want to set up events in April 2023 in Mexico City in my Apple Calendar on Mac. I am currently (November 2022) in Eastern Standard Time (EST). Mexico City is on Central time (CST), 1 hour behind EST. In April 2023 both my location and Mexico City will be on daylight saving time (EDT and CDT respectively).
However, when I create calendar events in April 2023 and select Central Time for the event the event is set up at 2 hours behind and is labelled CST not CDT.
Is this a bug in Calendar?
Should I select Floating Time for the event to ensure it appears at the right local time?
I can find nothing on the web explaining what Floating Time means so any help will be appreciated.

I don’t have the answer but I have had similar issues. When I’m in central time and trying to schedule an appointment back home in eastern time, it never seems to get it right. My solution was to add a note to the entry with the proper time so I can verify when back home.