Printing a PDF saved to a Dropbox folder

So I would like to be able to save as a pdf to a particular folder on Dropbox, have my home computer look at that folder and then send the pdf to my local laser printer (and then archive it or move it away so it does not print again). Is that possible? I thought I would be able to do this with Hazel but could not figure out how to do it. Some people seemed to suggest Automator, but that did not have a print option either. Was wondering how to do this from my home computer.

I saw some line commands to do this from within Hazel, but could not get the commands to work (was trying [apr -P ‘PrinterName’ $1] no brackets) as I do not really understand these things, I could have easily got it wrong.

A folder action script should be able to do this, and you can create an Automator workflow that’s associated with a folder action. And yes, Automator does have a Print Finder Items action that should do what you want.