Preserving my Health app data between my Apple IDs (Australian and NZ)

Having spent 10 years or so in Australia, I have moved back to New Zealand and want to maintain my health data continuity while using my New Zealand Apple ID. Does anyone have any experience of this sort of shift, and if so, what are the steps they used?

Apple ID AU Health data → Apple ID NZ Health App
Retain both Apple IDs (I’m not interested in transferring my AU ID to a new NZ ID)

Many thanks

Welcome Henry. I’ve never thought of Apple IDs as country based - as far as I’m aware they’re global. Certainly the various stores (App/iTunes/Music/Apple TV etc) have localised stores and you would want to change these if changing countries Change your Apple ID country or region - Apple Support.

As for transferring one Apple ID to another, you can’t. Apple don’t offer a way to merge Apple IDs. It’s annoying as I have both a private and (old) work ID and I’d love to be able to amalgamate them.

I did this once before using the app Health Data Importer. It was in 2018 so I can’t say exactly what I did to get the Health data exported but I hope that the developer has some info on their web site.

Thanks - that sounds promising and I’ll give it a try this week and let you know

Thanks for the welcome. I can see your point about them not being related to a country, which in most use cases is true. Where it becomes problematic for me is when I have an app with my data in it (Bear is one for example) and I change my domicile to another country, I can’t change my subscription to my new ID and have my data follow me automatically. So on my iPhone, using my new ID I have to go through hoops to get my data back. High level of friction involved in the change, with risk of data loss not unitary, but linked to each app.

Hope that makes sense.

I hear what you’re saying, but I’m surprised there was a need to create two IDs in the first place. I know you can change your Apple ID’s e-mail address. Can you not change your physical address to a new country?

Of course, now that you actually have two IDs, you can’t merge them, which may make things more problematic, especially if one already has your new contact information (address, phone, e-mail).

Yes you can change your country.

I managed to get the health data exported:

Health App: Account icon: Export Health Data (last item)

Took longer than I expected as the file was quite a bit bigger too.

Once I replace my iPhone, I’ll try the Importer app on that. Definitely looks like it should work, will set the new iPhone up with the Apple ID (NZ)
Many thanks

As I said, my goal is to retain both Country IDs - While I am primarily in NZ now, I may find myself in AU for long periods in the future. Changing IDs backwards and forwards is not a 100% duplicate process because of licensing issues, and app availability in the different countries. For example, my electricity supply company in NZ has an app to help manage power usage and cost, which is not available in AU.
Appreciate the help.