Predicted Mailbox very erratic

I have many mailboxes in Apple Mail on Mojave
I make new mailboxes for most subject every year
In 2019 it worked quite well. In 2020 it is erratic and usually but not always still points me to 2019. For example I am subscribed to Tidbits mails and receive an email every time an app is reviewed. The predicted mailbox is still Tidbits 19 instead if Tidbits 20. In mailboxes where I have changed the name slightly the same happens.
I wind up moving the messages with the message>>move to command
Is there any way to teach the predicted mailbox where to try and send messages?

There are two ways to deal with messages that arrive in the Apple Mail Inbox to bring some “order” to the many messages that I know of. They are “Smart Mailboxes” and “Rules based destination mailboxes”. I’ve never heard of “Predicted Mailboxes”
A “Smart Mailbox” does NOT move the original message from the Inbox. It merely scans all email messages to see which ones meet the criteria you defined for that “Smart Mailbox”. The criterion must reviewed regurlarly to make sure it reflects any changes that might arise due to changes in the incoming message structure. I don’t know but doubt that you are using Smart Mailboxes; It is a feature that I think is worthless other than showing UnRead messages for example

I suspect you have been Using Rules based Mailboxes for your Predicted Mailbox. It consists of rwo parts: 1) Creating or identifying a destination mailbox (inside Mail) and 2) creating the criterion in Mail / Preferences / Rules that identifies a message and includes a “move” to the destination mailbox. Things change on the sending mail system. Thus you must regularly Edit the rule to ADD new criteria that would capture the messages which slipped through the prior version of the rule


I definitely have predictive mailbox in the Messages drop down menus below Archive, next to copy message and move message
I have many emails saying Move to a mailbox that was valid in 2019
Since you say you don’t know this option, it may come from one of the very useful plug-ins from Mailsuites
Thank you

I have Move to Predicted Mailbox where amarillo56 describes it, and I have no plug-ins. I suspect the “predicted mailbox” is also what appears in the Move item in the toolbar, which contains at most one mailbox, but will show a cascading dropdown menu of existing mailboxes when I click it. If there is a way to teach it, I would be interested, too.

It seems to remember where messages with similar subjects have been placed in the past, so I suspect that as 2020 wears on, it will learn to put amarillo56’s Tidbits emails in the new folder, but will need to learn again come 2021.

Ah! now I get the reference.

“Predicted Mailbox” might be easier to understand as “Suggested Mailbox” since it is based on recognizing features of selected messages. Also, “suggested” or “suggestions” is commonly used in many places. “Predicted” implies some knowledge of the future while “Suggested” implies reaction to the present.

Thank you for the information.