PowerPhotos Enables Ventura Users to Migrate iPhoto and Aperture Libraries

Originally published at: PowerPhotos Enables Ventura Users to Migrate iPhoto and Aperture Libraries - TidBITS

With Apple dropping support for migrating iPhone and Aperture libraries to Photos in macOS 13 Ventura, Fat Cat Software has thrown a lifeline to people who still have old photo libraries.

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For photographers, one of the best migration software I have used has been Avalanche

Since I own PowerPhotos, I will have to try out their version.

Great recommendation. I knew I needed something to improve my photo management and this turns out to be ideal, I downloaded the trial earlier today and registered it this evening.

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Aha thanks for the lead on PowerPhotos!

I want to merge my dad’s Photos library with mine. I know I can do it with some trickery by opening the libraries under different iCloud IDs and syncing, etc. I know because I did that years back, dumping thousands of my photos into dad’s library by mistake when I enabled iCloud while configured under my iCloud ID on his Mac.

But the process to do this is tricky, and I’d love an app to hopefully reliably do it for me. And I’ll be very glad for those thousands of dups to get tossed out!

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I have been using PowerPhotos for many years. It is great for managing Photos libraries such as making an archive Library to reduce the file size of the main library.
Also good for moving photos between libraries and retaining albums.
I used to use it for copying photos/albums from other Mac libraries but that doesn’t seem to work reliably with recent macOS.
The ability to extract photos from old iPhoto and Aperture libraries is a bonus.

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In the past few years, PowerPhotos has been useful to me in merging images and videos into new libraries then merging those libraries into other libraries. PowerPhotos has a number of other useful features such as displaying items with Titles and sizes, which has been useful in cleaning up libraries full of large originals and small thumbnails.

While not specific to PowerPhotos, I would suggest that others make sure that you work from macOS and APFS formatted disks, because otherwise you run the risk of crashes when working with Photos libraries. I have an NTFS driver under Ventura that works great usually, but the Apple Photos library system can cause crashes when working with other than macOS and APFS formatted disks. I have had a few other crashes in PowerPhotos unrelated to disk formatting, so I make a habit of working from copies in PowerPhotos.

I have found that deleting items from a Photos library is faster in Photos in Ventura than PowerPhotos, so I will often use Photos for deletions, unless I want to see the file sizes when I am deleting items.