Power cycling iPhone SE

I had bought an extra iPhone SE and kept it in its box as a replacement for my wife’s when it was looking like small iPhones were disappearing (Model A1662). I sent it in for a trade in for a new iPhone for Xmas recently and though they originally offered me money, when it went to the reseller for check, they offered me $0.

When I got it back, I found that it would not charge up, just cycling from a start up Apple screen, powering off and doing that ad nauseam. Forced power off does not help.

Is there a trick to fixing this or resetting the system from my Mac when connected. Is there a software that will let me access it and fix the problem so I can get it functioning for resale?

There is an actual reset which involves holding down two buttons until it reboots. Have you tried that?


I tried the hold down the power button for a long time and the power + Home button reset.

It cycles screens of: low battery screen, Apple white startup with black Apple logo, then black. This repeats.

This would be the standard procedure:

If the phone won’t go into recovery, it’s probably not recoverable.

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Can’t get it to connect with iTunes. Guess it is really dead, but odd that this was a never used phone. Will do some digging, but seems to be a lost cause.

One thought – Have you tried a different Lightning cable? I’ve seen similar happen with a bad cable that couldn’t power the phone or get the battery charged.

Was the power cord connected, and if so, for how long? I revived an SE a few years ago just by leaving it connected to power for a couple of days. The Apple Store genius had given up on it after a sequence similar to yours. I decided I might as well see if leaving the phone plugged in did anything though it seemed like a long shot. But it worked. Later I sold the phone to BuyBackWorld. But my situation was different. The phone had been in regular use and suddenly died. I don’t know what long-term storage may have done to your battery.

I ended up calling Apple who set me up with a Genius appt that day. She thinks the battery was sitting around too long without being charged and it failed. She did manage to get it into recovery mode, it wanted an IOS update, but still did not hold a charge.

I am paying $50 to replace the battery and with the trade in offer of $170, that Apple is going to hold to, makes it a net gain.