Postbox 7.0

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Major upgrade for the email client brings 20 new themes spread across Light and Dark modes and adds capability to add pre-formatted HTML clips. ($29.99 annual subscription, free update for current subscriptions, 58.6 MB)

There seems to be a very minor bug with this version; if you like to open individual emails into separate windows, it won’t mark them as “Read” when you open and close that separate window, as it did in v.6. However, if you open an email into a Tab or in-line, then the message does get marked “Read” and unbolded. Pretty minor.

Everything else seems to work smoothly and maybe a bit faster than before. I like some of the new themes. The HTML clips don’t do much for me, but others may find it useful.

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Yep, we just found this and we’re working on a fix. Should be out in a day or two. Cheers!

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Postbox has released 7.0.1 and 7.0.2 which have some fixes but has not fixed this.

Open in new tab instead of new window marks items as read but doesn’t seem to allow any option to get to next unread message short of closing the tab and then clicking on next message.


The fix didn’t make it into the recent releases as few other issues took precedence. But know that the developers are actively working on the issue and it will be addressed soon. Thanks in advance for your patience as we work towards the next release.

UPDATE: We have this fixed in Postbox 7.0.3. Thanks for your patience as we await release.

Hello all: I was curious about this email client and wondering if I should use it. There are some glitches with Apple MAIL that make me unhappy.
How many on this list use POSTBOX?

A little late in a reply, but I’ve been using Postbox as a replacement for Apple Mail for 3-4 years now, quite happily. It has a similar interface, but at the time I switched it played much better with Gmail. Plus Posbox has an RSS News reader built in which Apple eliminated.