Poor Battery Life under watchOS 7?

I’m experiencing abysmal battery life on my Series 4 under watchOS 7, and I’m wondering if any of you are seeing the same thing? I put my watch on at 8 AM, and here just before 2 PM I’m at 43%. It’s actually dropped three percent just in the past few minutes.

Someone suggested that the handwashing timer is draining the battery, but I checked and mine was turned off by default. You can check that on the watch under Settings > Handwashing.

My Apple Watch 4 is doing very well under watchOS 7. So lets look as some possibilities, you can ask me about any settings.

I had hand washing on most of Saturday and turned it off Saturday afternoon since I wouldn’t be able to charge it until Sunday afternoon. I got around 30 hours from that charge.

Is this a cellular model? Mine isn’t. I suspect cellular is more apt to drain the batter. But if not that, something else.

Any other apps that run in the background. I can compare to mine if you wish.

No cellular. I just cleared all of the background apps.

Jason Snell had this problem and fixed it by unpairing and repairing. I’m going to see what clearing background apps does for me.

Thanks for the update. I didn’t see Jason’s Tweet about unpairing and re-pairing.

My S5 has been about the same. (It’s hard to say, it’s only been a few days.)

In the past when I’ve had sudden watch battery drain (which has happened a few times in almost four years) a restart of the watch has sometimes fixed it, a restart of the watch and phone has always solved it if just restarting the watch hasn’t. It’s worth a try to avoid the time of an unpair/pair cycle.

Restart did not fix it for me on my S4, but unpair/repair seems to have done the trick. It’s amazing how easy and painless the process of repairing and reinstalling everything from a backup is. Hardest thing was reinstalling my debit card on Apple Pay.

Nothing has changed as far as battery life on my WiFi only series 4 since installing iWatch 7.0… I’ll turn handwashing on and see if that changes anything tomorrow, but judging from other comments, I don’t expect it to.

I put my fully-charged Series 4 Watch on my wrist 8 hours ago and it’s currently at 93% battery, and I’ve probably washed my hands 10 times today.

I unpaired and repaired and that seems to have improved it. It’s at 77% right now after about 7 hours of wear. I accidentally set it up as a new watch, if that makes any difference.