Podcast app with manual queuing?

I’ve been looking around for an up to date podcast app that lets me line up episodes from a variety of shows in the order I want to listen to them. e.g, the most recent from “Stay Tuned with Preet,” a months-old episode of “99% Invisible,” today’s “The Daily,” etc. For all the wonderfulness of Overcast, Castro, etc, none seem up to this task.

PodCruncher does it, and I’ve been using it for years. But the developer seems to have moved on years ago. I assume that one of these days an IOS update will make it obsolete.

So, does anyone know of an IOS podcast app that supports queuing?

I know with Overcast I can manually edit the playlist to put the order any way that I like. I don’t do this often, but I’ve done it many times.

Where do you see an option to sort episodes manually? The only place I see any mention of sorting is in playlists. There, I see only oldest-to-newest, oldest-to-newest-by-podcast, newest-to-oldest, etc. No manual sort.

Create a playlist and populate it with selections. Go into the playlist and tap on the 3 dots in the circle at the top, select Edit episodes. On the next screen grab the hamburger icons on the right and slide the item to where you want.

All that works – the new playlist, populating it with episodes, tapping the three dots at the top – up to where the episodes are to slide into a custom order. They don’t slide. Instead, the only option is to select episodes to be trashed.

Is the selecting and sliding into order a premium feature?

Don’t think so, subscribing just removes the ads.
Does your list not look like this:

Grabbing the handles on the right allow sliding up and down.

My list has all but the handles on the right.

Maybe it’s an unlisted feature of the premium upgrade.

I’ve sent a message to the developer asking about this. I’ll post his reply here.

I use PocketCasts on my iPod Touch.

You can configure it to automatically add new episodes to its “up next” queue as they are discovered (a feature I use). They will be automatically added to the top or bottom of the queue (configurable on a per-feed basis), but you can manually rearrange the queue as well.

See also (from their manual):


Thanks. I’ll take a look at it.

I’ve been using “RSS Radio” - similar manual sort capability.

In Overcast, you can rearrange by going to the Queue section. I do it all the time, starting with the All Episodes view, tapping on an episode, then the three dots button, and choosing Add to Queue. When I have those that I want, I rearrange them manually in Queue.

Where is the manual sort choice? I see only published date, show title, running time, and podcast title.

Not sorting, just dragging episodes up or down to the desired position.

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Voila!! That’s it!! The mysterious hamburger icons show up in the Queue list. Thank you, John Brownie! And thanks also to David C. and mike1001001.

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If you were already partial to Overcast or another app, this may fall on deaf ears, but no podcast player has made as much sense to me as Pocket Casts. It’s elegant, iOS-native and well maintained by its dedicated team. Their approach to queues sounds like it might be an exact fit for how you’re thinking about them, and the queue is accessed directly from the now playing view at the bottom of every screen. I really think this is the best player on the market.

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Hello Khoi, Thank you for recommending Pocket Casts. You’re right, it is the best one. It took me a while to get to know it – because it’s so different from PodCruncher – but I’ve come to like it a lot. And for me it’s replacing PodCruncher.

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