Plans and Subscriptions too hard to find in Apple account settings

Any clues on how to find out one’s account details… … easily?
Apple seems to have eliminated any Subscriptions tabs, or links in Account Settings.
It would be really simple to have a Plans and Subscriptions link to garner a summary of one’s details…
As is, you have to scour your purchases, guess at an amount that might relate what information you want to know, or scour through all of your email confirmations from Apple and guess at which one might have the information you need.

I guess I just found the answer to most/part of my query.
Don’t use a computer … access via iPhone …


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On Mac, it’s in the App Store app. Click your icon bottom-left (log in if you are not yet), click “Manage Account” “Account Settings”, and “Subscritions” is in the “manage” section toward the bottom. See Manage subscriptions in the App Store on Mac - Apple Support

Though if you go to System Settings app, Apple ID, Media & Purchases, there is a “Subscriptions” button that takes you there as well, probably a little faster.


Settings → AppleID → Subscriptions (“Manage”)


Considering Ventura changed the Settings app so it would be more like the iOS and iPadOS version, it would be nice if this setting were the same. Maybe it will get there soon, and they’ll take it out of the App Store app?

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Thanks, yes indeed,… on an iOS device only I surmise.
No such navigation seems to exist from a computer in any of the
various locations. (System settings, iCloud, Appleid, apple (store) account

just from, in my case, my iPhone.
I just spend more time on the laptop than on my iOS device and was stymied a bit
in finding the info I needed.


This is interesting. Are you on Ventura? On my 14" M1 MBP at work (latest Ventura) that widget is called “Account Settings”, not “Manage Account”. Not that it’s important, but I wonder what the reason for this difference is.

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13.4.1 (c). But, yes, it is “account settings”. My mistake.

Not sure how things look on Ventura, I can check later, On my Mac, my App Store settings details are actually fewer than the available options in my AppleTV account settings. Perhaps because I have not made “purchases” in App store for a long while.
Neither one leads to subscriptions, or details on current plans that I have.
Only through iPhone > Settings > Appleid > Subscriptions can I view pertinent info.
I don’t quite get why, for instance, one cannot see all this from, say Mac OS > TV > Account Settings …
The unifying field-theory, as it were, seems to be iPhone (iOS)

As I said, on Ventura, Settings / Apple ID / Media & Purchases shows a “Subscriptions” button that is a shortcut to going through the App Store (though doing this does open the App Store.)

You can search the Settings app as well; search for “subscriptions” and it will lead you there. (If you have a family plan and are the manager, as I do and am, that will reveal another location: Settings / Apple ID / Family Sharing / Subcriptions.)


I am using the lates Ventura on both of my Macs, but the info available in the System Settings/Media & Purchases/Subscriptions Manage panel takes me to the App Store Subscriptions page. This page does list the various subscriptions I have, but it does not give me the amounts. The only place to get that info is on iOS which nicely lists the service name, amount, and date renewed. iOS Path: Settings/Apple ID/Subscriptions.

The Mac really needs to have the same interface. All this effort to give us parity and so many miles to go on the little things that make a big difference.

From the App Store list of subscriptions, if you press the EDIT button on a specific subscription, you are shown the cost and alternate subscriptions. You don’t have to change the subscription. This is unintuitive perhaps, but the information is there.

This raises the issue that you need to have access to an Apple device (iPhone/iPad/Mac) in order to manage subscriptions. My understanding is that they cannot be managed by logging into via a web browser.
This could also be an issue for digital legacies - subscriptions continuing indefinitely if the icloud account is not shut down.

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Not to belabor, I still cannot see any of the mentioned items, like subscription data, and edit buttons in App Store or System Prefs. Even in Ventura.
But at least I can access the info I need from my phone.

In Ventura (at least), this is how it works for me on my Mac:

  1. Open App Store
  2. Go into Account either by clicking on your ID at the bottom of the screen or by selection Store->Account (Note: you must be signed in)
  3. Click on Account Settings
  4. You may need to sign in with your Apple ID
  5. Go to the Manage section of the settings page, and click on Subscriptions . . . Manage
  6. Your subscriptions are listed and each one has an EDIT button
  7. Click on the EDIT button to see cost, and other subscription options.

Hope this helps…

Well, I don’t know what to tell you. I can see all of the mentioned items on my laptop (Ventura 13.4.1 ©) and I’ve checked it multiple times.

Could you be working from an account that’s not signed in to the same Apple ID, or that’s not an admin-level account?

Could you post a screenshot of the location where others are seeing the interface and you’re not? For instance, here’s what I see when I open System Settings, click my name/Apple ID at the top, and click Media & Purchases. The Manage button takes me to my subscriptions in the App Store app.

There might have been some sort of signed in status glitch. After signing out and signing in again I now see information and navigation via System Setting > Appleid > etc. Not sure what was really going on.
I also noticed recently that Apple Music made continuous sign in requests after each sign-in
(4 or 5 attempts, each with the exact same i.e. correct credentials) to that app until it finally decided to feel adequately signed in

To Digress
There IS something going way wrong with Apple servers (or what ever)
Just tapped into my Music app … … …
ALL of my recently curated playlists have totally evaporated


Update1: Mac OS Ventura, and in case you’re wondering, nothing to to with the dropdown arrow,
Update2: Playlists then repopulated after about 15 minutes … all I really know for sure is: nothing is intuitively understandable with Apple anymore.