Photoshop Elements 2019

(Charles Bjorgen) #1

For several years I’ve been using an older version 8 of Photoshop Elements but now with my new MacBook Air I’m getting the notice that this will not work on future versions of the Mac OS. This was a simple installation from a CD disc and then sending the serial # to authenticate the ownership of the program. I’m serious considering the purchase of the 2019 version for about 70 bucks and now wonder what kind of hoops I need to go through to make this work. Is this software no longer sold on a CD.? I certainly don’t want to subscribe to use the software. Any help much appreciated.

(Jeff Carlson) #2

Photoshop Elements is not on a subscription pricing plan. It’s no longer available on CD, but you can buy a license and download the software. Amazon and Adobe currently have it for $70 (30% off) through Jan 6 (I don’t know if Amazon’s pricing will continue after that).

(Charles Bjorgen) #3

Thanks for the reply, Jeff. After reading that about 4 am this morning I checked into Amazon and placed the order. Turns out Adobe does offer the disc installation and that’s what I ordered. It’s just not obvious in the product description but apparent as one gets into the ordering process. On top of that I’ll be getting one day delivery today.

(Graham Samuel) #4

I am not sure that Elements 2019 for Mac is 64-bit. If not, is it worth buying? My previous version lasted several years, and I would hope for the same experience this time.

Amazon don’t make it clear, at least on their UK site.

(Charles Bjorgen) #5

I agree that the 64-bit requirement for running Mojave is not made clear but since I installed the 2019 package I no longer get the warning that the version will not work in future OS installations. Based on that I’m assuming it is 64-bit. The $70 price on Amazon made this an attractive photo package for me. My previously installed version was 8. The 2019 package is version 17.

(Curtis Wilcox) #6

Searching for Photoshop Elements system requirements, I found that the Mac version has required a 64-bit processor since version 12. I don’t know when it came out but that was five releases ago.

(Ryoichi Morita) #7

2018 Elements (Version 16) is 64-bit.

(Al Varnell) #8

There is no Mojave 64-but requirement and you will only receive the warning once, telling you that 64-bit will be required in future maOSs.