Photographing a Bicycling Tour with an iPhone

Originally published at: Photographing a Bicycling Tour with an iPhone - TidBITS

Julio Ojeda-Zapata recently spent four days crouching by the side of country roads, pointing his iPhone 14 Pro at oncoming bicyclists. An avid amateur shutterbug, he had become the semi-official photographer for the Bicycling Around Minnesota tour—and the iPhone was all he needed.

One problem with every single bicycle photo on this iPhone photo series:

wheels don’t spin

As much as I love to shoot with iPhones, with action they have this problem with wheels that they lack the important sense of movement via spinning wheels.

(I used to shoot race cars so I can’t help looking at the non-spinning wheels, hah!)

Spinning wheels aside, cool photo series! Well done!

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That’s a good point.

Hi Julio,
In the first photo of the queen and princess, there is a spare leg under the table… Whoops!
I hope you’ll be able to get back on your bike again.

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Oops. Fixed!