PhotoALBM Launches Flickr Replacement Service

I’m Ed Romanov - CEO of Today, we officially launched our service that is meant to replace dated and clunky Flickr. PhotoALBM, apart from being more like a YouTube for photographers, has an easy to use directory of photographers. We would like to ask the community to test-drive it and let us know how we can make your experience better. We build it with our own money to be independent and be able to service photography community - not investors. Our platform is very flexible and allows us to introduce any new feature very fast. We will keep our service free for as many accounts as we can afford. Our official press release is located here: . There are many new features are being developed and we are very exited to introduce 'em in a very near future. Please go to PhotoALBM and see what a small group of driven professionals can do for the community if they put their hearts and souls into it.

To answer the private questions I got, yes, this post is teetering on the edge of being too promotional, but I decided to let it stay because it’s the CEO posting (rather than a PR person) and because the Flickr deal makes it more relevant. So anyone who wants to check it out, feel free to ask @turbospudnik questions here.

Adam, thank you from all of us. We really appreciate your decision.

I glanced at PhotoALBM, it looks like it caters to wedding photography. Why would photographers who aren’t wedding photographers be interested in your site? Flickr is many things to many different types of photographers, I don’t see much overlap between my Flickr circle’s style and your website.