Photo background update has gone bonkers

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my iPhone 7plus recently. Apps crashing, webpages reloading, etc. my phone also gets very warm. Looking at battery life, I see that the Photos app background activity is bonkers.

I’ve tried restarting my phone and turning iCloud library off and on. Still having issues. Any suggestions?

I think a year ago we had one in the group who turned off iCloud Photos, signed out of iCloud, restarted. Signed into iCloud, activated Photos.

Another suggestion which shouldn’t be better than a normal restart is a forced restart; my understanding is that it triggers multiple cache files to be deleted and rebuilt that would otherwise be preserved during a soft restart.

I logged out of iCloud on my phone and then restarted it. That seems to have fixed most of the issues. Of course, I had to resync my watch and put my credit cards back in.

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