Personal Hotspot "Automatically join this network" not working

I am back in my cabin here in Norway. Using my MacBook Pro M1 Max, I connect to internet via Personal Hotspot on my iPad. I normally just close the lid after using it and when I use it next, I just open the lid and go to a webpage. Because I am used to the macs automatic connect to Wi-Fi, I get an irritating manual connection and have to force the reload of the webpage.

On the mac with Ventura 13.4
Automatically join this network is enabled in System Settings > Wifi > iPads name > Details.

On the iPad with iPad Os 16.5
Allow Others to Join is enabled in Settings > Personal Hotspot.

The only way that works hassle free is by going up in the menu line Wi-Fi symbol and select the hotspot first. But since I mostly do not remember the tragedy persists.

So I wonder, have any of you ever had the automatic joining working with Personal Hotspots?

I was traveling last weekend and I noticed that automatic joining to my hotspot (on iPhone) was hit or miss. It seemed to be related to time—if I had been off more than, say, an hour, I would need to go back into the WiFi settings and find the hotspot again.

I can see why it would be more of a hassle for you in a fixed location, but I can tell you that in some circumstances the automatic joining does work.

Good luck, and hope someone has a more persistent solution!

I did a test now, closing the lid for 3 minutes. No auto joining. I think I will try to see if a total reset of the network setting on the mac will help. Thanks.

With an iPhone SE (2nd Generation) running iOS 16.5 (and previous versions for a long time), I need to wake the iPhone and navigate to the Personal Hotspot page in Settings before either a Mac or an iPad can connect. Allow Others to Join is enabled, but I need to go to that page in Settings before an Other is allowed to join. (I don’t need to do anything at that page; I just need to go to it.) If someone would tell me how to get the Others to join without needing to fiddle with the iPhone, I would appreciate it.

For some reason I do not need to open Settings anymore. I did some years ago. I had a Shortcut made that I added to my home screen and also used as a widget. Sharing it here for anyone to use Shortcuts