People getting through DND

Last night I was using my phone as a clicker for Keynote and my laptop had the slideshow. I asked someone to send me a text and it didn’t come through either device while it was in slideshow mode. I then set the phone to DND so calls wouldn’t come through.

Wouldn’t you know, my OCD client called me at 8:30pm - apparently multiple times as the presenter handed me the phone saying I had a phone call from XYZ. :rage:

How do I prevent this in the future? Do I have to block that person completely during that time?


ps - THANKS for the suggestion on Keynote and the phone - worked perfectly and was easy to learn :slight_smile:

There are additional controls in Settings… Do Not Disturb. There is “Allow Calls From”, which you can set to “No One”, and there is “Repeated Calls”, which you can turn off.

I have Repeated Calls turned on, which may be where things failed last night. If my phone goes to VM he assumes “something malfunctioned” and immediately calls again instead of leaving a message.

I have Allow Calls from Favorites turned on. So that should allow my parents and SO through, while not even letting me see anyone else, correct? (yes they are set as favorites)

I wonder if the fact that the phone was being used caused the problem too. I have the phone set to DND between 9am and 9pm, but if I’m browsing late before going to sleep, texts still come right through. Maybe Keynote is not shutting things down as much as it should be.

In any case, it’s time to not let anyone through in that 3 minute window.


Hi Diane,

My wife teaches yoga classes and uses her phone as the music source… and wants to avoid being disturbed during classes as well.

I have suggested to her to use Airplane mode then turn wifi and bluetooth back on, so she can play audio to the speaker box… and stream if needed.

At the same time i’ve also told her she should enable DnD so that iMessages and similar do not bother her.

I’m sure there’s a simpler way of doing this, but so far it has worked. Calls go instantly to voicemail, messages show up silently and all the other noises are off during class.



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That’s great! It looks like Keynote suppressed the messages. My problem was when someone called twice and broke through DND. It DID go to VM the first time, but this person always “needs” to talk so they called right back. I’ve disabled that feature as of today.

Thanks, I hadn’t even thought of Airplane mode. I’ll have to try it to see if the computer and phone still see each other.


Just make sure that wifi calling and iMessage are set to off when you run Airplane mode with wifi on if that wifi is any way connected to the outside world.

I didn’t have access to wifi last night.


Keynote Remote calls for both devices have WiFi enabled though the fine print says they can use Bluetooth instead (I don’t think I knew until I read that article that it could control Keynote not just on a Mac but also on another iOS device).

I had it enabled but no access to it! :wink: The place had wifi but they wouldn’t let anyone use it. I did see an open Cox wifi nearby but didn’t even try it. We were definitely on bluetooth.


I wonder if Keynote Remote can work like peer-to-peer AirPlay in Apple TVs, use Bluetooth for discovery then create an ad hoc network between devices. That way, neither device would need to be connected to an existing WiFi network for them to communicate. It may be the bandwidth and supported range required doesn’t warrant the hand-off from Bluetooth to WiFi.

Of course that’s also how AirDrop works. It uses BT to establish an ad-hoc WiFi connection when you actually share something.

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I’m not sure. I had tried it a couple of weeks ago. Now when I open it, it knows to look for my laptop. BUT I am currently at another location and can’t duplicate it with the laptop, either on wifi or not, and the phone is not. I must’ve been connected to a free wifi without knowing it. Or they attached themselves while I had the hotspot turned on.

That’s good to know for next time.


I can’t get AirDrop to work if I don’t have one of them on wifi.