PDF download problem

Interesting issue: I’ve downloaded a file from archive.org. It’s 32 pages long. When I scroll through the downloaded file, a few of the pages are blurry and unreadable. It’s like they were scanned from the opposite side of the page.

I went back to archive.org and brought the file up on the screen again. Every single page was correct. Save it again, and the bad pages are back.

This time I decide to print just the bad pages (which now appear fine on my screen through the browser). They are also fine in the print box. But they print the exact same way they download - fuzzy and unreadable.

The next thing I will try is a screenshot, which I think will work. But I’m completely confused as to why I can’t print the pages I can clearly see on my screen? I can see that maybe the PDF format is corrupt and that’s what I get when I download but I expect WYSIWYG when I print!

Any ideas or anyone who’d like to try it?

2015 MBPr
using Brave

Sounds like a mismatch between the actual PDF pages and embedded previews of the particular pages. Previews look fine, the actual pages are not.

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Is that I see when I select download, and it opens in the browser, just a preview then?

Clicking download in archive.org in Brave doesn’t save to disk, it open it in the browser. It may as well be downloading though as it takes forever.


Working with PDF and printing, it is quite common to see the opposite behaviour. For example, there can be black stripes showing when you open the PDF in Acrobat Pro. When you print it, the black stripes are gone.

Both Acrobat Pro/Reader, Apple Preview and Brave will show you the previews. Your printer does not use the previews. Instead, it reads the PDF code and renders the print.

Might try a Save As instead of a Print command from the web page…and/or try a different browser and/or save a webarchive instead of a pdf and/or screenshot each page although that won’t give you a high quality image or the text but OCR would likely work if you need that.