"password request was sent" on every startup?

Reset Password
A password request was sent from a
device at the location shown below.
(“Show” button)

I get this notification on every startup for the past month or so. Prior to that, I had changed my AppleID password.

The “Show” button does nothing. After I click in the notification (instead of in the “X” dismissal) System Preferences::Apple ID opens with an alert over it:

Reset Apple ID password?

(Cancel) (Reset Password)

I don’t like changing my Apple ID password because it’s requested so often that it’s a nuisance to open my password manager for it so I have to remember it.

Will resetting it one more time get rid of this startup notification?

I can’t explain it, but it feels to me like some process got interrupted. What I’d try is resetting the Apple ID password to something else, and then immediately setting it back to what you want.

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You can’t reuse a password that’s been in use in the past year. But I did change it. And immediately after afterwards I got the same notification that I’ve been getting on restarts. I’ll see, next restart, whether that’ll be ongoing.

Oh, good to know—I hadn’t realized Apple wouldn’t let you reuse a password like that, not having changed my strong iCloud password in ages.

You may need to call Apple support.

Inspired by @ace feeling of process interrupted, you might try to get rid of system cache. You do that by starting up with shift enabled. Instead of logging on, reboot when it asks for your password.