Password autofill seems broken in Safari 16.x

Anyone else have trouble with password autofill not working?
I have reviewed various check boxes in Safari settings and Appleid>iCloud settings.
Nothing seems amiss
I can verify that correct credentials are archived in Safari > Settings …

Do I need to turn off and on iCloud syncing perhaps?


Some websites are designed to prevent autofill and even pasting a password. Does this occur on all sites, or just selected ones?

Thanks for the comment, I’ll have to pay more attention to determine …

brief update,: I just noticed that Firefox will autofill credentials for pbs_org but Safari 16 does not
even though the password is saved in the settings … at some point I will try an older version of Safari to determine if versioning, perhaps, is at issue …

Update, some mixed results
• performance (lack of autofill) seemed similar in an older version
• Safari 16 does seem to work fine, still, for a number of my usual websites
• There is a somewhat unfamiliar logistic at a couple of websites pbs_org for example
won’t autofill in the Safari browser but after entering user name manually, Safari will
prompt to scan save passwords, allowing to choose the credentials after entering
the Mac OS system User credentials … I think this may have been introduce in Mac OS Monterey

not a huge deal, just some unfamiliar logistics

There is a new Preference in OS and iOS under System Settings → Passwords → Password Options → Autofill (with options if you have managers)

I do see that in iOS. Not in Mac OS Monterey.
I think the issue possibly relates to what specific web sites are allowing, or how these websites
handle certain browsers …
I did have the one example wherein Firefox will auto-load credentials, and Safari won’t.
But, if you enter your username, Safari will then offer to let you browse your passwords.