Pages 14, Numbers 14, and Keynote 14

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Adds support for selecting multiple noncontiguous portions of text to all three iWork apps. (Free, various sizes, macOS 13+)

Pages has been my word processor of choice for many years now. When Apple basically rebuilt the iWork apps 11 years ago the ability to select non-contiguous items was removed from Pages. After all this time I had completely given up hope that it would ever be restored.

I know it’s not a feature that everyone probably uses regularly, but I find it a very useful tool for selecting and applying formatting to multiple words, phrases or even paragraphs in one easy step. It’s also a feature that is available in many, if not most, word processing applications. I’m pleased to see it finally restored to Pages.


As I have done occasionally in the past, I’ll rail that Apple makes no mention of backwards compatibility. I’m mainly concerned about Numbers 14 on iOS or iPadOS altering a spreadsheet such that an older version of Numbers on macOS cannot edit (or even open) it, but the issue exists in both directions and for all three applications.

In case anyone is concerned or interested, my rudimentary testing suggests that a spreadsheet edited and saved by Numbers 14 on iPadOS can still be opened and edited by Numbers 12.1 on macOS.


Oh yeah, non-contiguous selection. Wow- Apple finally gets with the program.
Almost every word proc. software has that. Also-, not backward compatible! REALLY.

I’ve written multiple books in Pages. It’s got just enough features to work for me but not so many (like Word) that it feels bloated. Your mileage obviously varies.

I do appreciate the non-contiguous selection, though.


“Most Apple users I know would never even use Pages”

I’ve been using it since iWork first appeared. I’m probably using it every day, creating forms, brochures, notices and more.
I have a client who writes books with it. He’s currently on his tenth written in Pages.
I teach how to use it and regularly get comments like “Oh I didn’t realise I could do that.”

On the other hand I find Numbers much harder to get my head around.

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