Pages 13, Numbers 13, and Keynote 13

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Enables exporting and sending of documents in a different format from the macOS Share menu. (Free, various sizes, macOS 12.3+)

The iOS versions are still not up to par to the MacOS versions. There’s still a lot of missing formatting and no quick way to use a format. In MacOS, I can designate function keys to select a format. Not in iOS/iPadOS. I can’t do a mail merge in iOS.

If Apple is serious about the iPad being a serious computer, they need to improve their iWork packages on iOS/iPadOS.

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I could find nothing in the link to the new Numbers that told me if files saved by the new version can be opened by older versions. Does anyone here know?

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!. Numbers 12.2 had a 500-font limit, and was very slow setting fonts in a document that already had many fonts. Numbers 13 handles fonts quickly and handles 600+ fonts in a document with no sign of any limit, EXCEPT:
2. I asked Numbers 13 to replace one font (of the 600 in the document) with another. Instead it replaced about 20 fonts, with no obvious pattern.

:bangbang: What kind of spreadsheet do you have that uses 600 different fonts? Genuinely curious, this sounds kind of amazing.


I think he means via MacOS. Numbers 12 can only access the first 500 fonts whereas Numbers 13 apparently can access more than 600.