Pages 13.2, Numbers 13.2, and Keynote 13.2

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Adds support for 3D objects to the three iWork apps. (Free, various sizes, macOS 12.3+)

I’m a big fan if Pages; I just published a 268 page family history using it. In this I learned a lot about Pages that I didn’t know! Of course this is true o any app that you normally only dabble in, but I’m glad Apple continues to update its apps! Bye R@y

Pages, Numbers, and Keynote now require macOS 13 Ventura or later.

I do wish Apple would address backwards compatibility. If I have Numbers 13.2 on an iPad and I edit a spreadsheet, can I then open and edit that spreadsheet on a Mac using Numbers 12.1? (I’m not running Ventura.)

On a more minor issue, the original article does not mention the iPad or iPhone, nor what OS is required.


A bug in the new version (Pages & Keynote) removes the standardised way of entering soft returns (line breaks), i.e., shift + return. The only recourse is to enter via the menu at this point.

You may want to try option-return, as an alternative. Not absolutely sure this will work for you, but it’s worth a try.


Sorry but no. I have seen a couple of posts about this issue, and it seems that the latest update simply broke it (other apps function normally).

ok, thanks for the update.

This is another example of Apple software development really ticking me off. Their sw updates mess up old features which worked well, before they introduced bugs as part of the update.

I don’t want to hear about disparaging Apple sw development. It is a cultural issue, and Apple is responsible for their culture ! There is a big difference between these two development paradigms: “Bugs are not ok, but some bugs do sneak into the software, even though we try in good faith, to be careful and minimize the bug introductions !” and “Bugs are ok.” I believe Apple is choosing the latter path.

Sorry! As a general rule, Watchlist items are only about Mac software to keep the number of apps we’re tracking within the bounds of sanity. We sometimes mention iOS or iPadOS versions within an update about a Mac version if there seems to be a significant reason to do so.

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That’s great; I hadn’t realized that was the policy. Thanks.