Pages 11.2, Numbers 11.2, and Keynote 11.2

Originally published at: Pages 11.2, Numbers 11.2, and Keynote 11.2 - TidBITS

Improves collaboration and translation capabilities for the three iWork apps. (Free, various sizes, macOS 10.15+)

The release notes state “requires Monterey OS”!!

Sounds about right. When Big Sur was released, they immediately (within that week) updated Garage Band to a version that required it.

So why should you find it strange that this time around, they’re releasing Monterey-only apps before Monterey has actually been released?

Sarcasm aside, the release notes don’t say the app requires Monterey. It’s an asterisk-footnote referring to specific features (“flexible collaboration” and “instant translation”).

True, but I was offered the updates on my iMac running macOS 11.6 Big Sur and they seem to work fine. So I’m not sure what the release notes are talking about.

When I revisited the update details Monterey is required for new features, not for the update to operate. Not too clear, Apple…

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