Outlook for Mac 16.73 "Dead Rules"

My Outlook for Mac recently updated to 16.73 (23051401) and suddenly all my rules (dozens) have no destination folders!! I reset all of them to their proper final destination, but soon thereafter they all went back to having no destination folder along with scores of SYNC ERROR notices!!! I’m furious that all my inbox is filled with unsorted new emails. Thoughts???

Sorry for your situation. I don’t know if it was 16.73 or 16.72, but my Outlook for Mac 2021 has started to empty my inbox almost instantaneously; and leave a graphic that wishes me a good day and after a while starts to download the emails that evaporated including the emails I had already deleted which return. At first this was less frequent, now it’s “now you have an inbox, now you don’t, now you…” It’s as prevalent as a tennis match. Excuse me if I am not addressing specifically your sync errors, as my sync errors are the thing that fills novels. We are both experiencing something in Outlook for Mac or the servers that feed our program the mayhem you suffer with, as I am with my own version of what Outlook for Mac accomplishes. There is a Contact Support link in the HELP Tab, but it is only for written chatting, unlike Word for Mac where one can summon Support who will telephone the user and try to help them. So far, Outlook’s tech support has provided me with tasks to perform and no resolutions. Not a one. I appreciate how furious you are. At least you have an inbox. Just now my inbox which makes odd noises as it announces the emptying of my inbox with the message: “All done for the day! Enjoy your empty inbox.” I hope you or Support can help you or you can find a resolution that returns the efficacy of the rules you created. As for me, I feel so abandoned by Support and so helpless to be in this never-before-ever experience with an email client. It’s almost unbelievable. I thought perhaps I was in the grip of some hackers, but I am not, as Support is able to advise me others are in the same boat (sinking fast). Good fortune, Richard

I’m on 16.73 and my rules across multiple accounts have stayed in tact, so not sure if it’s a widespread problem or not.