OS Security Updates Address Three More Exploited Vulnerabilities

Originally published at: OS Security Updates Address Three More Exploited Vulnerabilities - TidBITS

Updates for macOS 13 Ventura, macOS 12 Monterey, iOS 17 and 16, iPadOS 17 and 16, and watchOS 10 and 9 fix a trio of security vulnerabilities likely being used to install the NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware. Install the updates soon.

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And Safari 16.6.1 fixes the WebKit one.

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How exactly does one get the new version (16.6.1) of Safari? I did a “check software updates” on my Mini running Ventura (13.6) and nothing (yet) shows up.

Nevermind - apparently Safari 16.6.1 is for Monterey and Big Sur only (but not for Ventura).

I haven’t seen the Safari 16.6.1 update offered to me just yet for Big Sur. Am I missing something? Mike

For anyone still looking for Safari 16.6.1 details, see

I see no updates from 17.01 to 17.02 for either my iPhone or my iPad yet. Maybe they’re releasing it by region? I’m in Tokyo.

I think iOS 17.0.2 is specifically for iPhone 15 series only. If I recall correctly your iPhone is one of the 13 series? If so the update is not applicable to the phone.

[Update: this is incorrect, see below]

iOS/iPadOS 17.0.2 was just now released for those on 17.0.1.

This update has no published CVE entries.

They did appear this morning for both my iPhone 13 Pro and iPad Pro. I’m updating now.


Hah, I just saw the update on my iPhone as well and will be updating later (I am in Singapore).

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The update is also available for iPad 17.


Well, that’s just confusing. Although I suppose it’s better if all iPhones and iPads are running the same version, and presumably the transfer problem was general to all iPhones.

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A warning if you are trying to update to Ventura 13.6, which I just got an update notice on this morning. After downloading the update, my 2018 Intel Mac Mini took what seemed like an extraordinarily long time and appeared to have frozen with a dark screen. The only sign of live was a PING when I pressed enter; the dark screen would not show any action. This went on long enough that I thought the machine was frozen and tried a restart. When the machine came to life and I logged in, the machine finished the upgrade to Ventura 13.6 and Safari 17 and seems. I wish Apple would not make the Mac act look frozen when it was really upgrading!

That’s been going on for the all recent macOSs for some time now. Sometimes it’s just more noticeable if you sit there watching and the length of black screen varies. Apple must shut off all power to the screen at one point in order to conduct a firmware update, so there is no way to indicate it’s still running the installation.