Orticon hearing aids streaming broken

After updating my iPhone (SE 2020) to iOS 15.5 the Oticon streaming has stopped working with the app and also the hearing aid interface. One has to go through the whole re-pairing process again. But that doesn’t stick- it goes out again after 1 or 2 hours.(approx). I made a back up to my laptop before 15.4 -could I just restore from that backup? Is that possible?
That’s why I rarely do these updates- this is so frustrating. I depend on this to work for phone calls.
Thanks in advance.

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Apple stopped signing iOS 15.4.1 mid-May (and earlier releases before that), so it’s not possible to downgrade from 15.5. Sorry.

And I agree, I rarely update quickly, but it seems all the updates recently have been “OMG! MASSIVE SECURITY HOLE! UPDATE IMMEDIATELY!” so I’ve updated within a day or two of release. Luckily I haven’t been bitten by any problems. :crossed_fingers:

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Whether this is connected to the update or not, I suddenly have had connection problems with HomeKit with older devices “Losing Connection” in the past few weeks. I had had no problems with them for months before this. Now I wonder if it is related to the iOS and tvOS update as my AppleTV is my hub. Interesting.

I wonder if the update is causing some issues with devices. Not sure if it is the same issue as the hearing aids, but I would bet the update is the common issue.

FWIW, my Widex hearing aid interface is pairing properly w/ 15.5 and my iPhone 12 mini.

When I experienced a similar problem recently, I deleted Oticon On and re-installed it. The install-time pairing worked.

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FWIW, my ReSound hearing aids are still working fine with the ReSound Smart 3D app. A couple of iOS updates ago we had all kinds of issues with the app. ReSound worked with Apple to identify the problem and the fix was included in the next iOS update. You might look online to see if there are discussions by other Oticon users about the problem.

Yeah I updated my apple tv as well- maybe it is connected.

Yeah- done that twice- but it doesn’t ‘stick’ - couple of hours later- it stops streaming or streams only in one ear. Soooo annoying.

BTW, that was in no way intended as a recommendation of Widex. I got them out of the case for the first time in months to test before posting. Looking for new ones.