Orion Turns a USB-C iPad into a Portable HDMI Monitor

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In a brief break from working on their Halide camera app, the developers at Lux have come up with Orion, which turns a USB-C–equipped iPad into an external HDMI display for any device that outputs HDMI video.


They made an effort to make it look very analog, even including the bad cable connections resulting in signal drops. Bit silly is not being able to save frames directly to the main photo library.

would this work to display an apple tv on an iPad?

Why would you need to do that instead of using the Apple TV app?

The only reason I would think is if you have a good Ethernet feed and a poor WiFi. I would guess most channels (can we call them that?) would gave an iOS app.

For one very specific reason.
The football (soccer) tv rights are held by Sky and often their matches are on a bonus stream. I can only access the bonus stream on the Apple TV app it’s not available on the iPad app or iOS app.
A lot of the time the evening matches clash with what the lady of the house wants to watch and I’d like to watch them on my iPad.

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Apple has been slowly and carefully, but very aggressively, moving forward with major sports leagues streaming rights across the globe. Major League Soccer is one of the biggest and rapidly growing partnerships Apple has created:

“Within the constraints of those traditions, Apple is still finding ways to improve the broadcasting experience. MLS reeled in Lionel Messi with a contract rewarding new MLS Season Pass subscriptions. This unprecedented move is already [paying dividends for the broadcaster]

(Messi helps MLS Season Pass achieve viewership record - World Soccer Talk).”

“There’s no question that we looked a lot smarter the day that Messi decided to come to MLS,” Cue said, acknowledging Messi’s value.”

And now that Rupert Murdoch has passed his baton to his eldest sun, MLS and other streaming sports rights could change sooner rather than later.

Though the chances are slim, it could end up like “King Lear.”

This is in the UK and Apple would have to spend some serious money (a couple of billion) to prize the rights away from Sky.

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Apple’s got the money and the guns; let’s see if they decide to spend the numbers. They have been very slowly but steadily moving forward in sports broadcasting. Here’s what they’ve been up to with MLS lately:

And the Murdochs are still struggling to deal with the punishing lawsuit they lost to Dominion re: US voting machines and the last US presidential election results. They are still struggling with this, and big revenue bucks & reputation are on the line.

Let’s stick to discussion of Orion, not football/soccer.

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Moving on back, I bought the recommended dongle - it reduced in price on Amazon UK.

Tried Orion with a PS5 and worked really well, including the TV app I need :slight_smile:

Have yet to try it with the Apple TV.

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And in a further update it works really well with the apple tv and a 3m (~10ft) HDMI cable, will definitely
be giving them my money :slight_smile: