Order of categories when creating a new post

@ace, I’ve noticed several threads recently that have been miscategorised as Article Comments when they should have been TidBITS Talk. I’ve been re-assigning them as I see them, but it actually means I don’t see these conversations until they’re quite old. I might be the only one, but I actually check out new threads in very different ways based on their categories.

I notice that if you create a new post from the TidBITS Talk homepage, the first category listed is Article Comments. I wonder if some people are just choosing the first category there so they can post their topic?

Two thoughts:

  1. Is it possible to change the order that the categories appear in the new post dropdown?

  2. Maybe preferentially, is it possible to prevent non-TidBITS staff from choosing the Article Comments category?

Yeah, this bugs me too, and I fix it whenever I notice too.

The order of categories in that list is set by usage, I think, and since Article Comments has 2572 topics and TidBITS Talk has only 2547, they’re in that order. If we get more TidBITS Talk topics, it will sort above. I’m a little surprised they’re that close, actually.

(Interestingly, I do have Discourse set to list categories in a particular order, which does put TidBITS Talk first, Site Feedback second, and Article Comments third. But that apparently isn’t honored in the list of categories when creating a new post. Seems like a bug—I’ll have to ask.)

I could restrict posting in Article Comments to TidBITS authors, but what worries me about that is that we infrequently get new authors, and I might not remember to add them to the right group. But there are other issues if I don’t remember some setup step with a new author. Still, that’s probably the solution.

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