Option to correct typing parallax in iOS

More than on my Mac, on my iPad and iPhone, I will frequently look up from my typing and see a complete amount of gibberish. I don’t even have that problem on my mini Switch keyboard.

I would like to know if there is a program or technical diagnostic that would give me a sample of text to type, and then correct where I am typing. I remember some device had this (Newton). I really think that if I am consistently on the edge and between 2 keys, that whither place should be. Does anything exist within iOS that will help with this?

Doesn’t it already do that? Anytime I type anything on my phone (which I admit is rarely) it offers a few ‘type ahead’ suggestions onto which can simply click to select.

Maybe I’m not understanding the issue.

I can be typing and the predictive words are there but I have tuped words likentiidb at times and hit the s-ace bar instead of the ‘m’ key. Where my finger is going is slightly off.

Kept some mistakes in the text. I use the predictive text at times, but my brain doesn’t always like the up and down of the eye and stopping and starting that it entsils

Myntheory is that there is an AI out there that is intentionally sunstituting typed letters to frustrate us human beings! :blush: