Opening a web link behind Mail

If I get a mail message that includes a weblink, it has always been possible to open the web page while keeping Mail in the foreground. This is done by either holding down the CMND key while clicking the link, or by bringing up a contextual menu and choosing “Open Link Behind Mail”.

Right around the introduction of Sonoma, this stopped working reliably in Safari. About 70% of the time doing this will open the web page and bring the browser window to the foreground. It seems to work perfectly in other browsers.

Has anyone else noticed this? I’m wondering if I should report it as a bug.

I don’t have that issue with Sonoma, but I did have it several OS releases ago. It was not fixed until at least the .4 or .5 update.

I’ve had that issue for a number of years through various OSs. In my case at least, it seems to be email-sender dependent – works for some, not for others. The only sender it seems to have consistently worked correctly for, funnily enough, is TidBITs.