OpenCore Legacy Patcher Security Consideration

You don’t often get a lot of discussion about pros and cons on security when talking about all the nifty
pieces of software created for mac.
A lot of mainstay apps that used to even be offered at the App Store no longer have Apples “approval”

I will really be interested in OpenCore Legacy Patcher considering we have a lot of older, still well functioning, macs but with support being phased out …
Aside from reliability, or functioning success by the likes of OpenCore Legacy Patcher
is anybody actually vetting/analyzing the safety and security of using an open source app like this?

This is a thread on MacRumors you might want to check out:

My foundational view on open source security is that it is highly dependent on the number of developers who contribute, the level of scrutiny the software receives, how much an application depends on other open source components, and how many people use the software.

Here’s another MacRumors thread about open source software security in general: