Open Core Legacy Patcher vs. macOS 12.6

Has anyone using Open Core Legacy Patcher to run Monterey on an older Mac noted any problems with installing update 12.6?


I have successfully done this on two old MacBook Pros (9,2 IIRC). It went very smoothly, but I was puzzled at first why graphics seemed so slow. Then I realized I needed to re-run the patcher and tell it to do its “post-install” patches. Since then it’s been perfect.

Thanks for reply. At a high level, my experience paralleled yours, with a couple of what I might call caveats.

I received notification from Dortania/OpenCore-Legacy-Patcher from GitHub notifying me that version 0.4.11 was now available, just after I’d read your response. Link to download is here:

Requires signing up for an account, which is free and you can use “alternate” email addresses as you’d like. I’d forgotten I’d signed up. Having the account provides the benefit of sending notifications when updates occur.

After the usual precautionary backups etc., I downloaded the 12.6/Safari 16 updates. The 12.6 update was nearly 12 GB, which I figure was the entire package rather than just updated sections. Download and installation, while lengthy, demonstrated no anomalies.

Following the update, I logged in and instantly realized I REALLY needed to install the “post-install” patches you mentioned–interaction was mired in molasses, with the cursor barely moving, jerking around, etc. I had previously downloaded OCLP 0.4.11 and with some difficulty, launched it. I selected button to install post-install patches, rebooted, and everything is fine, just like you said.

Could have tried to install 0.4.11 before updating OS, and run post-install patches before starting the update and maybe preventing the interface issues, but not sure about that. The way I went worked; it was just kinda hard with barely responsive cursor. I’m successfully running macOS 12.6 on my “obsolete” 14,2 iMac.

I finally got around to trying OpenCore Legacy on a 13" mid-2012 MacBook Pro (MacBookPro9,2) with an SSD and 16 GB RAM. I ran the installation with OCL 0.4.11 and Monterey 12.6 directly on top of a Catalina/Bootcamp installation. So far, I am absolutely delighted by the performance. The only glitch was the need to run the post-install patches manually after updating to Safari 16, but I haven’t run extensive tests yet. I also was pleased that Windows 10 Pro continues to run well in Bootcamp after the Monterey upgrade, though I do have to hold down the option key while booting to get to Bootcamp.