Open .ai files without Adobe Illustrator?

Any recommended non-Adobe software that open these files? I don’t want to have to buy Illustrator just for 1 file.

Preview should do the trick:

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Ah, didn’t think of Preview. It worked but didn’t have the information I needed. I wanted to find the size and dpi of the graphic.

FYI: I’ve never done this so I can’t vouch for it. But is a pay per conversion site that might work. It looks like you can buy credits at a cheap rate to handle one conversion.

Affinity Designer cannot convert AI files but it can open them if the AI files were saved with PDF compatible turned on.

As a last resort, if you have a printer you regularly use, ask them to open the AI file and get your info.


Affinity Designer 2 will open .ai files and work with them, layers and all.

It will also save them back to EPS format (but not .ai, apparently) if you need to go sort-of round trip with them. EPS is Encapsulated PostScript, which is Illustrator’s original native language.

Does that mean that the file includes a bitmap? If not, you should be able to set size and rasterization dpi parameters when importing into a third party program.

If it’s just a one-time requirement, one option would be to download and install the Illustrator trial. Just be sure to cancel the subscription before it renews.

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