Only refurb iPhone available is iPhone 7

(Simon) #1

For a while already I see that the only iPhones Apple is offering (in the US) are iPhone 7s. Any specific reason why there’s no SE or 8 there?

(Al Varnell) #2

SE’s are discontinued.

Not sure where you are looking, but I see the 8’s both in my Apple Store iOS app and here on the web


Mountain View

(Fearghas McKay) #3

Availability of refurb stock has always varied on a day to day basis and sometimes within the same day.

This has been the case since the refurb store first opened.


Who bought his Ti G4 on the very first day of the refurb store way back in the day…

(Simon) #4

Of course. But why has there never been a single 8 in there? Or an SE in the last half year? Any specific reason? This does not appear to be a day to day issue.

(Al Varnell) #5

Sorry, I missed refurb in the Subject line.

(David Ross) #6

Typically a model never shows up for a while. At first they have to build up repair swap out inventory. Then there’s a restriction about Apple ID switching on a device that has to time out. (3 months?) It may be that they never have been enough returns of some models to make it worth diverting from the repair stock into the resell stock.

(Simon) #7

Thanks, David. That makes sense.