Odd SIP pop up rebooting after migration from High Sierra

I used Migration Assistant to move my wife’s 2009 MBP 13" running High Sierra to a new M2 Mac Air, I did it on first turning on the Air during setup.

Now on booting the Air I get a pop up box that says:

       SIP Enabled

SIP is enabled on this system. Running
with SIP enabled could cause issues,
such as USB not working. To rectify this,
please boot into your system’s Recovery
Partition or your Sierra Installer USB
drive, open Terminal, and run the
command “csrutil disable”
** OK** Button

I am of the opinion that SIP should be enabled on this M2 Mac Air, further I don’t think I can boot this M2 Air from my Sierra Installer USB drive (note MBP was running High Sierra not Sierra). I called Apple and the level 1 tech said to just hit the OK button every restart (which will drive my wife nuts) or reinstall Monterrey and then do the Migration Assistant again. He said some stuff from High Sierra got migrated over, but could/would not be specific when running MA again what to uncheck in MA so it doesn’t happen again. Does anyone know how to correct this without doing either of the above suggestions? Does anyone know what to uncheck in MA to not duplicate this problem if I go though the whole reinstall Monterrey and MA dance again?

I just looked again at the options in MA again, they are (each with check boxes):

Applications folder
all users folders (odd, there is one here that does not show up on the MBP)
Other Files & Folders 1.15 GB
System & Network
…System Settings 23 KB
…Printers 0 KB (it didn’t migrate printers)
…Network 23 KB

So what would I deselect to not get this SIP pop up box?

A search shows this warning can be instigated by having used dosdude1’s High Sierra patcher in the past, in order to install High Sierra on a Mac that would otherwise not be able to install it via Apple’s ordinary software updater.

If this sounds familiar, then dosdude1 himself has posted a solution:

Run “sudo rm /Library/LaunchAgents/com.dd1.SIPLD.plist” (without the quotes) in Terminal, and that will get rid of that popup.

Or, if you prefer not to use Terminal, you could navigate using the Finder to /Library folder, then the LaunchAgents folder, then find “com.dd1.SIPLD.plist” and trash it. Then restart and see if that solves your issue. If it doesn’t, you might try starting up in Safe Boot mode to clear boot caches, then start up normally again.

Hope this works for you.


Agreed, however, it is easily reversed by the same process, substituting the command “csrutil enable”. Why would you do this? Well, it’s just a shot in the dark, but possibly something that you migrated needs to have SIP disabled in order to fully install (if memory serves, the Rogue Amoeba ACE component does…or did at one time). So you really have nothing to lose if you disable SIP, do a normal reboot, and then turn it back on again.


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BINGO! Yes I did use dosdude1’s High Sierra patcher. Was kind of a bad idea after all as I think Apple caught on and later updates and security patches would not work (though I think dosdude said they would). Seems like the second suggestion is much easier, though I am comfortable using Terminal.