Notifications with FreeForm?

I’ve been playing with the new FreeForm app on my Mac and iPhone. To be honest, I can’t quite figure out the use of it, but still have a question about notifications.

I’m testing sharing a board with a friend. She updated it, and it synced. I can see the changes she made to the board on my MBP. But I received no notification of her changes.

Is there something that needs to be set to enable notifications?

By the way, another adventure in Apple Support general miserableness lately: I contacted them to ask a question about FreeForm syncing and the support person told me they are only able to provide limited support for 3rd party apps. :slight_smile:

The link to the user info didn’t seem to answer your question & I have the same question. I share a board with my son & daughter & we don’t get notifications. Did you find an answer elsewhere?

The answer was just that freeform doesn’t have notifications like that. Unfortunately.