No audio alerts on new iPhone 14 when it's locked

Hello very smart friends,

I replaced my iPhone v11 with a v14, by using Apple’s setup feature which migrates data from one device to another. And since doing so, I’ve had some weird issues with the new iPhone 14. 1) My haptic keyboard feedback isn’t working when I type though everything is turned on. 2) the Uber app isn’t working at all, exhibiting the same issues that I had with my v11; when I tape the Settings button the app stops responding. I’ve deleted and redownloaded it, but get no love. The Apple Genius tried a bunch of things as well, but couldn’t resolve the issue. And 3, the one that I’m hoping you all can help me with; when my phone is locked, I don’t get any audio alerts from any app! None from Messages, none from Signal, none from my Tesla app, etc. I was going to call Apple for help, but I wouldn’t be able to test anything as I’d be on the only phone that I have, which is the device that’s exhibiting the issues. Unlocked, I get all of the audio alerts. The phone will ring when locked, and music plays when the phone is locked.

Any ideas?


Just to verify, since you don’t mention it: you don’t own an Apple Watch?

Yep, I do own an Apple Watch Series 7, and I’m not getting notifications there either.

In that case, your issue is with your watch, not iPhone. When the phone is not active, and the watch is being worn and is unlocked, sounds will only go to the watch, not both the watch and the phone, with the exception of phone calls - they sound on both. So the phone is working as designed.

See Notifications on your Apple Watch - Apple Support

Notifications appear on your Apple Watch or iPhone, but not both.

If your iPhone is unlocked, you get notifications on your iPhone instead of your Apple Watch.

If your iPhone is locked or asleep, you get notifications on your Apple Watch, unless your Apple Watch is locked.

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Interestingly, when I leave both my iPhone &  Watch ON the nightstand (and not being charged), I can still hear call notifications even from the living room.

I’ve never had this issue before, as I’d always hear alerts on my phone, and get them on my watch as well when the phone was locked.

Now I’m not getting the audible alerts in either place. I checked my watch, and all of the apps are set to mirror my phone, as the only other option is custom.

So weird and frustrating!

This has been the behavior from the time the I’ve owned a watch (early 2017) and I believe since it was released: you get sounds and haptics on one device or the other, not both, except phone calls or FaceTime calls. Honestly, I wish there was a way to discretely choose - I’d love to have messages make a haptic or sound on both, and it’s a pretty common complaint I see online.

I wish I could suggest something with your other issues. I did search Uner’s site and found this:

So you could try the settings / general / transfer & reset phone / reset / reset network settings , but honestly I wouldn’t think that was necessary on a brand new phone. Maybe it fixes an issue with network settings stored in the internal Keychain?

Just back from the Apple Store, and according to the Genius, everything is working normally and as expected (except Uber). With my iPhone 11, I’d always receive my audible notifications to my phone and the only time I’d get them on my watch would be if I hadn’t acknowledged them on my phone. Now I’m getting all of my audible alerts on the watch, and a persistent banner on my phone. I disabled Messages alerts for my watch and those are now coming through on my phone as they previously did. However Slack, Signal and several other apps don’t have an iPhone component, so those audible alerts are still coming through to my watch.

This is such new and strange behavior. Perhaps it’s iOS 16.5? Or maybe I configured something on my iPhone 11, that forced all alerts to my phone and not the watch. Whatever that may have been, I don’t know.